Hiker Breakfast 

Every year since 2008 First Baptist Church has fed hikers a delicious breakfast, Pancakes & Bacon! It started out fairly small, but this ministry has grown each and every year. In 2016 we served breakfast from March 14th to April 14th (32 days!) and fed over 700 hikers, from 45 different states and over 15 countries. Each morning during hiker breakfast church vans shuttle hikers from their hotel to the church for an all-you-can-eat pancake and bacon breakfast. They are provided staionary and a printed-out picture of themselves to mail home to that special someone who needs a hand-written note (the church takes care of mailing the letter for the hikers). Also, a pastor or church member usually takes 3-5 minutes to share a devotion from God's Word. When the hikers are finished the church vans take them back to their hotels. If you plan on hiking please come see us next year and bring your AT passport, we have a stamp!